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Wrestler: The Big Show
Real Name: Paul Wight
Birthday: February 8, 1971
Hometown: Originally from Saluda, SC
Now resides in Tampa, Florida
Marital Status: Married to Tess
Height & Weight: 7'' - 500lbs
Trained by: Larry Sharpe
Debut: 1994
Previous Gimmicks: The Giant (WCW)
Big Nasty Bastard (WWF)
The Showster
Finishing Move: The Final Cut
Chokeslam aka Showstoppa
Favorite Moves: Choke Toss
Press Slam
Elbow Drop
Big Boot

He's the largest athlete in the world. Reminiscent of Andre the Giant and Big John Stud before him, Big Show is a feared competitor who can intimidate an opponent with his size and stare alone.
Big Show’s measurements are astounding: 500 pounds; 7-feet tall; 22 5 E shoe size; 22 1/2 ring size and a 64-inch chest.
But Big Show has recently had to deal with "The Cerebral Assassin," Triple H. After watching Triple H brutalize the legendary Ric Flair, Big Show confronted him, saying that he was sick of "The Game" bullying people. It was clear then that it was only a matter of time before they met in the ring.
At their New Year's Revolution contract signing, Triple H broke Big Show’s hand with a sledgehammer. But it turned out the Cerebral Assassin’s plan could have backfired. Big Show came back the following week with a giant-sized cast. Big Show couldn’t use his right hand for the chokeslam, but at the same time, he was now wielding a powerful weapon every time he swung his right hand.
Big Show tried to use his cast as a weapon early and often, but Triple H was able to avoid it, ultimately tearing it off and exposing Big Show’s broken hand.
Big Show was able to survive the pain and even went for the chokeslam, but his broken hand was not strong enough. Ultimately, Triple H used a sledgehammer to set up a Pedigree for the win. Still, if Big Show gets two healed hands on The Game, he's in a world of trouble.
Before WWE, Big Show was The Giant in WCW, where he twice won the WCW Championship. The Giant had an immediate impact in WCW, focusing his attention on Hulk Hogan and ultimately beating Hogan for the WCW Championship at Halloween Havoc in 1995.
The Giant took out another legend for his second WCW Championship reign, defeating the great Ric Flair in April of 1996. Four months later, The Giant joined one of the most infamous factions of all time -- the nWo.
Giant also was part of a pair of WCW Tag Team Championship teams, pairing with Scott Hall and then Sting in the late 1990s.
Since making his WWE debut, Big Show has been defeating his foes with an arena-rattling Chokeslam. His strength and power have made him a two-time WWE Champion, a three-time World Tag Team Champion and a United States Champion.
A former basketball player at Wichita State, Big Show would become a worldwide star upon his signing with WWE. Show burst onto the scene at St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1999, literally breaking through the ring during a Steel Cage Match between Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Nine months later, he won the WWE Championship for the first time, defeating The Rock and Triple H in a Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series. There's been no stopping him ever since, as Big Show has become one of the most dominant athletes to ever appear in a WWE ring.
Show also helped form one of the most imposing tag teams in WWE history when he paired with Undertaker, twice capturing the World Tag Team Championship in 1999.
When WWE officially divided the RAW and SmackDown! brands, Big Show was originally drafted by RAW in March of 2002. But seven months later he was traded to SmackDown, where it took all of one night before Big Show challenged Brock Lesnar for his WWE Championship.
Nearly three years to the day after his first WWE Championship, Big Show was on top again. Once again it was at Survivor Series, where Show defeated Lesnar.
During SmackDown on April 15, 2004, Big Show vowed that he would quit if he did not defeat Eddie Guerrero. After subsequently losing the match, Show went on a rampage that included the destruction of Torrie Wilson's car, and throwing then-General Manager Kurt Angle off of a 25-foot ledge.
However, Show returned to SmackDown in September of 2004 and made destroying Angle his first order of business. He since moved to RAW in the Draft Lottery and captured the World Tag Team Championship with Kane -- forming one of the largest and most-imposing tag teams in history.

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