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This moves should only be used by  professionals and should never be attempted at home. Edit Text



Name Finisher and Signature Move(s)
Eugene Dinsmore Rock Bottom, People's Elbow, Eugene Stunner
Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music, High Elbow
Triple H The Pedigree
Kane Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam
Lita Moonsault, Snap DDT
Val Venis The Money Shot, Fisherman's Suplex
Trish Stratus Stratus-faction, Chick Kick
Jerry Lawler Piledriver, Fist off The Second Ropes
Rosey Revolving Legdrop, Swinging Sidewalk Slam
Ric Flair Figure-Four Leglock
Victoria Widow's Peak
Rob Conway Au Revoir (Whiplash/Side Slam)
Shelton Benjamin Superkick, T-Bone Suplex
Edge Downward Spiral, Edge-cution, Spear
Tyson Tomko Yakuza Kick
Gene Snitsky Pump Handle Slam
Viscera The Embalmer, Splash
Chris Masters "Masterlock" (Full Nelson)
Eric Bischoff Karate Kick
Torrie Wilson Spinning DDT
John Cena "FU", STFU
Carlito Caribbean Cool Modified Swinging Neckbraker
The Big Show Chokeslam, The Final Cut
Rob Van Dam 5 Star Frog Splash, Rolling Thunder, Van Daminator, Van Terminator
Danny Basham Brain Damage, Ball and Gag
Chavo Guerrero Tornado DDT, The Gory Bomb
Renee Dupree Bonsoir (Michinoku Driver II), The French Tickler
Johnny Parisi The Shaft (DDT), Long Island Legsweep
Lance Cade Lariat Clothesline, Sweet and Sour
Trevor Murdoch Top Rope Bulldog, Sweet and Sour
Goldust Shattered Dreams, Curtain Call

Name Finisher and Signature Move(s)
The Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver, The Last Ride, Chokeslam
John Bradshaw Leyfield

Clothesline from Hell, Last Call Fall-away Slam, JBL Bomb

Hardcore Holly The Hollycaust, Alabama Slam
Scotty Too Hotty The Worm, Springboard DDT
Rey Misterio "619", West Coast Pop, Dropping Da Dime
Nunzio The Sicilian Slice, Kiss of Death, Arrivederci
Paul London London Calling, Flying DDT
Sho Funaki Reverse Tornado DDT, Rising Sun
Orlando Jordan Black Ice, Orlando Magic
Doug Basham The Last Impression (Leg Lariat), Ball and Gag
Booker T. Scissors Kick, Bookend
Joey Mercury Snapshot
Johnny Nitro Snapshot
Chris Benoit Crippler Crossface, Swandive Headbutt, Sharpshooter
Randy Orton RKO
Batista Batista Bomb, Leviathan Spinebuster
Eddie Guerrero Three Amigos, Laso from El Paso, Frog Splash
Steven Richards Stevie-T (DDT), Steven Kick
Sylvain Grenier 3 seconds of fame (High Angle Suplex into DDT)
William Regal The Regal Stretch, The Power Of The Punch, European Uppercut
Big Vito Implant DDT
Road Warrior Animal Powerslam
Stacy Keibler Roundhouse Kick
Matt Hardy Hardy Twist of Fate, Side Effect
Kid Kash Springboard Moonsault, The Money Maker, The
Paul Burchill The Royal Mutilation (High Fujiwara Armbar)
Bobby Lashley The Dominator
Mark Henry World Strongest Slam
Kurt Angle Angle (Olympic) Slam, Ankle Lock
Gregory Helms Shining Wizard, The Nightmare on Helms Street
Tatanka "Trail's End" Samoa Drop
Fit Finlay Emerald Fusion

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