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Wrestler: Sho Funaki
Real Name: Shoichi Funaki
Birthday: August 24th 1968
Hometown: Born in Tokyo, Japan
San Antonio, TX
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5’7 - 180 lbs
Trained by: Animal Hamaguchi
Yohiaki Fujiwara
Debut: 1990
Previous Gimmicks:
Finishing Move: The Rising Sun (Tornado DDT)
Favorite Moves: Fisherman Buster
Diamond Dust
Inverted DDT
Enziguri Kick
Notable Feuds: Super Delfin
The Great Sasuke
Taka Michinoku
Spike Dudley

Funaki surprisingly ended the reign of Spike Dudley to capture the Cruiserweight Championship at Armageddon in December of 2004, adding a new highlight to his already impressive announcing resume.

In addition to his wrestling ability, Funaki has shown that he can entertain. In the summer of 2002, then SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie McMahon hired Funaki to be an announcer. Immediately, Funaki gleefully dubbed himself SmackDown!'s "No. 1 announcer!"

Funaki will go to great lengths to get the scoop for WWE fans -- even if it means going into the women's locker room. He's also not afraid to ask the tough questions. He got the first interview with Al Wilson, Torrie Wilson's father, after Al was caught in the shower with Dawn Marie. Rumor has it, Barbara Walters was green with envy that Funaki got that exclusive scoop.

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