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Acronym WWE
Established 1953
Style American Wrestling
Location Stamford, Connecticut
Founder(s) Vincent J. McMahon
Owner(s) Vince McMahon
Linda McMahon
Formerly NWA Capitol Sports
Capitol Wrestling Corporation
World Wide Wrestling Federation
World Wrestling Federation
Official website:

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. or WWE Is a Publicly Traded intergraded media, sports and entertainment Company dealing primarily in the Professional Wrestling industry. Chairman of the board, Vince McMahon holds a 71% majority share in the business, while his Wife Linda McMahon holds the position of CEO within the company, together with their children they hold a 96% voting power share in WWE. Their son, Shane McMahon is Executive Vice President of Global Media and their daughter Stephanie McMahon-Levesque is Vice President of Creative Writing. The companies global Head quarters are located in Stamford, Connecticut at 1241 East Main Street, with international offices in Los Angeles, London and Toronto.

It operates on the New York stock exchange under the symbol WWE. The business has an annual revenue of $400 Million US approximately, and a net profit of $50 Million US approximately. The business is valued at $658 Million US on average, however as all figures pertaining to the organisational running of the business, this number can fluctuate, with it‘s value once peaking at just over $1 Billion US. The business, as well as the industry typically goes through boom and decline periods based on public interest.

World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE is the companies main business module, which is the basis of the organisations running. It is a professional wrestling promotion, currently the largest in North America. The company was previously known as TitanSports, Inc. and has previously done business as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).


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