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Wrestler: Carlito Caribbean Cool
Real Name: Carly Colón Jr.
Birthday: February 21, 1979
Hometown: San Turce, Puerto Rico
Relocated to Lousiville, KY
Moved to Miami, Florida
Marital Status:
Height & Weight: 5'10" - 210 lbs.
Trained by: Carlos Colon Sr.
Debut: 2000 (Puerto Rico)
October 7, 2004 (WWE TV)
Previous Gimmicks: Carly Colon (PR)
Carlos Colon (OVW)
Finishing Move: The Overdrive (Swinging Neckbreaker)
Favorite Moves: Figure Four (his OVW finisher)
Notable Feuds: Sabu (WWC)
John Cena
Theodore Long

The Big Show
Shelton Benjamin
Ric Flair

He spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool…and apparently, many WWE Superstars fall into the category. Exceptionally opinionated and quite full of himself, Carlito projects quite the smooth demeanor. Armed with an apple in hand, Carlito isn’t afraid to unload a mouthful of apple and spit it into your face after labeling you not cool. Of course, this has led to a great deal of trouble for Carlito as WWE Superstars haven’t taken his attitude well.
Debuting with a big impact, Carlito defeated reigning United States Champion John Cena in his first WWE match in October 2004. Quickly making a lot of enemies, Carlito found himself in need of some back-up. Always scheming, Carlito introduced his Puerto Rican muscle – Jesus. It was around this time in November 2004 that tragedy struck as John Cena was stabbed in a Boston nightclub following a SmackDown event. An investigation was launched, but a culprit was never found. However, Carlito and his associate were both rumored to being connected to the hideous attack on Cena.
With Carlito’s cockiness and buzz growing, the Caribbean’s momentum hit a bump in the road; he suffered a shoulder injury in late 2004, which sidelined him through the spring of 2005. Carlito’s ego insists on that worldwide spotlight which is WWE, so he began hosting a talk show segment on SmackDown called Carlito’s Cabana. Irritating and disrespecting countless SmackDown Superstars during the Cabana, Carlito maintained his spot as one of the most loathed Superstars on SmackDown despite being out of the ring for nearly five months.
After recovering from injury, Carlito and the Big Show butted heads and went at it for several months on SmackDown, with Carlito adding the stuttering Matt Morgan as his muscle to combat the near 500 pound giant. In June of 2005, Carlito was drafted to RAW in the 2005 Draft Lottery; once again he made history in his debut, defeating Shelton Benjamin to claim the Intercontinental Championship. Carlito held onto the gold through several rematches, but his luck ran out at Unforgiven when he was defeated by Ric Flair.
Heading into Survivor Series, Carlito asked then-General Manager Eric Bischoff for a spot on Team RAW. He promised that he would focus on wrestling, and said there would be no more Carlito’s Cabana. Bischoff granted him his chance, and he defeated Shelton Benjamin on an edition of RAW to earn his spot.
After Survivor Series, Carlito moved his focus to the ultimate prize: the WWE Championship. Carlito won a spot in the Elimination Chamber Match at New Year’s Revolution, forming a tenuous alliance with Chris Masters in an attempt to get the gold around the waist of some new blood. It nearly worked, as Masters, Carlito and then-champion John Cena were the final three men in the match. However, after Carlito turned against Masters to eliminate him, Cena rolled up the distracted Caribbean to claim the victory.
Most recently, Carlito has run into issues with Kane. He angered the Big Red Monster with some comments on RAW, and on the RAW prior to the Royal Rumble, attacked Kane with a chair during their match. However, Kane sat up after taking the chair shot, sending Carlito scurrying from the ring. As they stared down, one thing was made clear: this rivalry is far from over.

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